Our Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

Who We Are & Why We Do What We Do…

Ian Selley’s Pro Performance Academy (PPA) provides certified soccer coaching for everyone from parents wanting to assist with their child’s footballing development to professional footballers wanting to secure their long-term footballing career.

Born out of frustration at the lack of qualified coaches (and the training levels of those that are), Ian Selley, Ex-professional Arsenal footballer and previously the Head Coach of Arsenal Soccer School Dubai, where he has won over 38 trophies and tournaments, decided to take matters into his own hands and created Ian Selley’s Professional Performance Academy (PPA).

For young players, PPA provides a centre of excellence for all age groups and levels of ability wanting to further develop all aspects of their game in a fun-filled environment, while also providing quality training programs for anyone that wants to learn what it will take to be a certified football coach as well as a Soccer Academy to facilitate players dreams of reaching their football potential.

PPA’s Mission

At PPA, our mission is to ensure that all players, regardless of ability, have access to quality and fun football coaching, with talent being nurtured to its full potential.  We want all players to develop their natural ability, and increase in confidence on and off the pitch, and where appropriate, promote them to professional clubs, mentoring both the player and their families.

PPA’s Vision

PPA wants to help reduce childhood obesity and mental health problems through the game of football. Regardless of ability, we want to promote quality coaching at all levels and help grassroots coaches gain a greater understanding and increase their coaching ability to the benefit of both coaches and players alike.


Quality football coaching from ex-professional footballers who are now managers and coaches in the game. All Ability levels welcome.